Random Faction Photo Archives

by jpr • 01/21/2014

This is a random selection of photos from circa late 90's, early 00's featuring various riders performing under a range of circumstances. The above shot is Jason Sunday in Austin, Texas at a short lived jumping spot with no name, a few jumps and even less guys helping to dig. Click here to scope the rest of the snaps...[MORE]

Garrett Byrnes - Behind The Lens

by jpr • 01/08/2014

I scanned these over a year ago (small files for some reason?) after finding them crammed in a manilla file folder and then promptly forgot about them. I don't recall why Garrett sent them to me, but it was obviously to use for Faction Magazine and they never got used. Or he gave them to Billy Dude From Philly Dude to show me but he never did, because I pretty much don't remember ever seeing these before. Riders pictured include Joe Rich, Ruben Alcantara, Brian Wizmerski and Corey Martinez. Anyway, they've been unearthed, enjoy. Thanks Mister Byrnes for the snap shots. Check after the jump for all the pictures...[MORE]

It’s not you, it’s me

by slimpickins • 01/03/2014

By Slim Pickens II


Perhaps these are some of the reasons BMX sales are down, if in fact they are at all:

It’s hard to get good at riding BMX: Garrett Reynolds or Chad Kerley or any number of good bike riders weren’t born that way. They started at a young age, put in years of work, and continue to hone their riding. Getting started in BMX and learning skills takes at least two years, and in that time, you could simply turn to…....[MORE]

"Recently via Texts

JP: Do you remember when you got on S&M?

Wiz: Nah. Long time ago.

JP: Bob knew the month & year for him in 2 secs.

Wiz: Because he is obsessed with numbers. Ask him when I did, he'd know that too I bet. I've asked him for dates of shit about myself before. He's good with that shit.

JP: It's insane.

Wiz: Yeah, I spend my entire day trying not to think and that's his hobby.

JP: You'd think he could use that skill to make money.

Wiz: Nahhhhhh."

Read the interview here: Bob Scerbo - The Year 2000 Interview

"During a stop at Collateral HQ's John Paul showed me an old BMX Action cover Ane Jens shot of me. Aside from the usual two-headed security guard giggle I get every time I see that cover, it jarred loose a whole bunch of memories that concussions and time had hidden from me. I was suddenly flooded with how good I felt on my bike in that photo. I can feel flashes of being completely connected with my bike and totally confident in what we could do together." Read the full story HERE.

"I frequently see Charlie cruising down my street, I think usually coming from or heading to 'Mag Wheel Guy's' crib which is somewhere in my neighborhood. The last time I saw him we chatted in front of my apartment for a few, mostly about his sample signature grips he was testing for Merritt. I think he was under the influence of marijuana to be honest, and it wasn't even noon. He rolled by the Collateral HQ this week and we interviewed him on our upstairs office deck about several different projects he's got going on and the future of FU." 

Read the full interview here: Charlie Crumlish - Is There A Future In FUville?

"Bad Idea's mix section is filled with high powered riding featuring Danny Hickerson, Chris Doyle, Morgan Wade, Tony Cardona, George Boyd, Hanson Little, Sergio Layos, Dylan Smith. Worth a gander? Come on, now."

"Hey Neal, I'm working on sprocket articles with various designers, premise is sprockets that were inspired by car rims. Have you done any based on car rims?

"You mean, have I ever done one that was not based on a car wheel?" 

Read the full interview here: Neal Wood: Car Rims to Sprockets

"When I first started working on this interview with Dom, I often wondered how I would write the introduction. I mean, how exactly do you write an introduction about someone that is not only a friend, but someone that you have a great deal of respect for? First off, several years back Dom and his friend Jay started a new website dedicated solely to collectors of vintage Haro bicycles and hardware. Up until that point there were a few sites dedicated to Haro enthusiasts, but when I first saw the hard work and dedication put into Harobmxcollector.com, I knew Dom and Jay were onto something quite amazing. Over the next few months Dom and I began emailing each other rather frequently discussing things that happened during the period I rode for Haro Bikes back in the late 80’s. It was great discussing some of these stories and reliving the past, especially with someone who was so interested in learning about some of the ridiculous situations we got ourselves into. Since that first email, Dom has gone on to oversee the 30th Anniversary Haro Freestyler project as well as begining work on an amazing book series dedicated to three different eras of Haro, and lastly being appointed the Project Manager of Bob Haro’s new brand Ikonix. To say he accomplishes what he sets out to do would be an understatement. He has an amazing work ethic as well as an equally impressive success rate. With that being said, I hope you enjoy this brief interview I did with Dom over the past few weeks. - Eben Krackau"

Read the full interview here: Dom Phipps: Haro BMX Collector

(Flashback) Fids BIO

by jpr • 12/31/2013

"The Fids. We are psyched how this random BIO turned out. Awesome skating, plenty of crashes. Find out if Fids gets his bumhole bitten by the fishes. Leland Thurman behind the microphone. Edited by Stew Johnson"