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"This is a cool sticker that I had signed by Todd back in 2000. He was the radest dude out there and still shreds to this day!" Check out the auction HERE.

BMX in the 80s was a free for all.

"1 NOS unused never assembled early 1990's  S&M Keith Treanor Menstural CYCLE.  Frame, 1" threaded and threadless Fork and 1" Threadless Mensturel Stem. I may have a seat post i can add i just can't find it right now. It would be nos unused too in chrome. It doesn't get any better then this if you are an S&M collector. I didn't ever think i would let this go. It looks to be a Nickel finish as it has more of a gold look then regular chrome.  Frame and fork match. Simply stunning. No issues and impossible to find.  This never came with more decals then you see so it may be a very early one. I have had used ones with menstrual decals in green and black. The production numbers were very low for these S&M signature rider frames. Having any example at all 20+ years later is a real treat..... Let alone  having an unused example. Shipping in North America is $125. overseas is $225" Full details HERE.

Ron Wilkerson Wins HoleShot 1987

by jpr • 01/31/2014

"Ron Wilkerson Wins Holeshot 1987. The HoleShot Championship was put together by UK BMX Race and Freestyle Champion Andy Ruffell. From 1984 to 1987 Old School US stars such a Matt Hoffman, Christian Hosoi, and Gator Rogowski took part in "The Holeshot Event". The event was a forerunner to the modern X Games. BMXers and skaters from the UK and USA took part in a wild competition on ramps and flatland with the judges using the crowd noise as part of the judging process. It was mayhem most of the time with the crowd invading the arena to congratulate the best riders and skaters riding the walls."

First UK BMX Backflip - 1991

by jpr • 01/27/2014

"Classic, first UK flip and its a monster, hearty slam on second attempt...john from kettering??" via John Dye at Bicycle Union

"To clear up main question.The complete bikes are $6,000 apiece and what you get is a 1985 or 86 in RED 100% NOS RL20II hand tightened never ridden. I am not aware of anyplace else you can pick a true NOS 85 RL 20 IIin any color except here now. Ended up with duplicates of many colors over the years and wanted to give others the opportunity to get a NOS one any color just like 1985. Hazzard Yellow and Turquoise both have just sold today a fellow Michigan collector.  Still have 2 Radberry,1 White, 1 Red.. Will post full pictures of each bike today." 

Here are the full details of the bikes available for sale: BMX Museum

S&M Please Kill Me Sections

by jpr • 01/22/2014

S&M just posted up plenty of sections from 'Please Kill Me', good stuff all around from Marvin Loetterle, Brian Wizmerski, Vic Ayala, Amos Burke, Rob Darden and Adam Baker. Check after the jump for all the edits...[MORE]

Random Faction Photo Archives

by jpr • 01/21/2014

This is a random selection of photos from circa late 90's, early 00's featuring various riders performing under a range of circumstances. The above shot is Jason Sunday in Austin, Texas at a short lived jumping spot with no name, a few jumps and even less guys helping to dig. Click here to scope the rest of the snaps...[MORE]

Bob Haro Freestyle Tour 1981

by slimpickins • 01/20/2014

"So imagine spending months in a van on tour traveling all across the USA and Canada doing freestyle demos with your 16 year old brother Ron and new teammate Bob Morales. The year was 1981 and that's what we did - it sounded like a good idea when we were sitting in my office in southern california and little did we know about midwestern heat and humidity! Yikes!What an adventure - and we loved most all of it and at times we were ready to kill each other... good fun none the less and I wouldn't trade the experience for the world. Four early make Haro Freestylers just grinding up against each other as we drove down the Interstate listening to Blamage and other bands of that era." via Bob Haro

Baco 3 - Rick Mulleterno section 1992

by Aggro_Gator • 01/14/2014

"Visit for info on the upcoming Baco Box Set project. Snip of the Rick Moliterno section from Baco 3 where he was riding Rampage, circa 1992."