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This series of blurry party photos were shot in my kitchen, in the apartment I live in, above a bike shop. Unsolicited, often unexplainable, random, good times with my friends, there was no real reason, and no intent, just a lot of laughs, cold beers, and soup.

In no particular order, you might see Eric Hennessey, Latane Coghill, Neil Hise, Evan Venditti, Kenny Horton, Wormz, Ryan Corrigan, Toast, Brooks, Big James, Jeff Harrington, Danava, Dave Boisineau, Brian Venable, Joe Preston, Puck, Big Craig, Van Homan, Pat Lowry, Paul Micou, Sean McCormick, Andrea Owen, Sharon Moon, Jenny Dubarry, Rachael Griffin, Vic Bettencourt, Dani Lightningbolt, Linzee Hale, Crystal June, Kristen Conover. AHmullee, Bobby Fisher, Brad Bacon, Alexis Mabry, Jhenny, Hippie, Rob Tibbs, Big James, BiG URBZ, Chris Naybers, Dave Mingee, Gilly Smalls, Dave King, Grady, Treebo, Kitt West, Noodle, Mike Rowe, Mr. B, James Wainscott, Buck Rogers, Angie Marino, Cricket, Dean Dickinson, Dana, Jay Blaze, Derek Farley, Rubberbandrea, Keith Terra, Bossman, Mikey Askew, Tom Blyth, Sophia Dispersio, Garret Ginch, and yours truly… Check for more kitchen shots after the jump.


Blurry Eyed Time Travel

by jpr • 08/12/2013

By @stevecrandallfbm

I had spent the week driving a big black International with a 7.2 diesel motor, straight pipe exhaust, getting roughly 8 miles to the gallon, and listening to my friendly passengers tell jokes, crack beers, and sing along to radio music.

With my eyes focused several hundred yards ahead of me most of the time, on the highway as it was eaten steadily by our big smoking dragon of a vessel, My mind was often wandering to places we were heading, spots we had just passed, and the memory of the moments or hours or days before that roadway moment...[MORE]

Gator Totem

by jpr • 08/11/2013

By Matt Coplon

Bruce Chatwin was haunted by what was in his mother’s curio cabinet. Behind the glass was a hunk of skin, with a tuft of orange fur sprouting off like a chia head. When young, he seemed certain that is was a chunk of a monster.

Many years later, he’d discover it was actually a piece of dinosaur. Specifically, a piece of a Mylodon: a giant ground sloth that lived long enough through the eons to actually come in contact with proto-humans...[MORE]

Burden Lake Pool Party

by jpr • 08/10/2013

"Take a bunch of assholes and put them in an amazing spot, this is the result. Thanks to Brien Kielb for doing his duties as pool caretaker and cleaning it all out so we could have some fun."

Greg Higgins - BMX Society Interview

by jpr • 08/08/2013

"How did you become the illustrator for the early S&M graphics, and for what S&M products have you created art? 

 If I am remembering correctly, Chris asked Jeff Tremaine, who did stuff for him previously but he was booked up, so he recommended me (thanks Jeff ); I had met Chris here and there over the years, and the collaboration was a pretty straightforeward one, basically I was allowed to do pretty much whatever. I did the “FMF” knock, the “DG” knock the “Holmes”, “Dirt Bike”, “Heavy as Fuck”, the “Piece o’ Pipe”, and the “Good Cheap Pegs” graphics. Matter of fact, there is a “Holmes” design I still have around that never made production, I think I pushed the envelope a bit hard-on it." via BMX Society. I've always been into Greg's illustrations, and he's done some real BMX classics. I handled thousands of stickers with his artwork on them in the early 90s when I worked at the first S&M warehouse. Check out the full interview HERE.

Dani and Denise Split Edit

by Aggro_Gator • 07/31/2013

Experiments in Speed

by Aggro_Gator • 07/26/2013

Well, this was an interesting weeknight in the suburbs of Orlando, Fl. These photos have been lost since December of 2011, and I just discovered them last night in a random folder. It was a really confusing scene, and I wasn't too sure what was going on and had no prior knowledge of the exact details, lots of vaguery. I'm not a skilled photographer to begin with, add to that a lack of flashes and here's what you get. Basically, the Bone Deth kooks were in FLA for a week staying at my house and they placed a Craigslist ad looking for females willing to get slimed on camera. This particular young lady drove about two hours, drank a couple of beers, got slimed, showered in our my bathroom leaving every inch of it completely splattered with neon green crud, then promptly split. Check after the jump to see all the slimer action and a few bike shots thrown in for good measure.


Van Full of Idiots

by jpr • 07/23/2013

Story and photos James Covington

Every summer we try to kick things off with a road trip up the East Coast.  These trips usually consist of the same handful of guys packed into a small car with waaaay too much shit that we didn't need to bring in the first place.  Last year we loaded up like sardines into my little Mazda and rubbed the bumper on the ground every time we hit a large bump in the road.  This year was a little different… The usual group couldn't find the time in their busy work schedules to get up north and enjoy themselves.  So, those of us with a taste for the funner things in life planned a very helter-skelter trip with a ratty and unlikely group of guys with one solid reason for leaving the sunshine state.  FUN. The trip started as four people riding in a car to Woodward for a week, but after over a month of planning set backs it somehow turned into eight grown men ripping up to Woodward and aimlessly roaming Pennsylvania for two weeks in a 38 foot luxury RV with multiple kegs of high alcohol beer and a pitbull named Athena.


Check after the jump for the full story and photos.


Tioga BMX- Steady Rollin with Neil Hise

by Anonymous (not verified) • 07/12/2013
FBM Rider Neil Hise putting Tioga Tires to good use in Richmond Virginia