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Instagram X-UP Tabe Contest Entrees

by jpr • 02/03/2014

Here's a sampling of pics sent in for the contest so far. Good stuff. Above submission: @james_stevens with @santanagram behind the bars. Check after the jump for more radness...[MORE]

The Helmet Article

by jpr • 02/03/2014

"That is where freedom comes in to play. Bmx is a sport that most of us got into because of the freedom a bicycle can give us. There is hardly any better feeling, to me at least, than just cruising down the street, being free, and having no person to tell you what you can or cannot do. With that said, no person can tell you to wear or not to wear your helmet. You as a rider must decide to wear one. If you are confident in your abilities and you believe wearing a helmet is not for you, then by all means, don’t wear one. However, like Mike Aitken once said, 'It only takes once.'" Read the full article at All It Is.

VANS BMX - Harry Main - Welcome to the Team

by Aggro_Gator • 01/31/2014

“This past July I went on a trip to Berlin, Germany with Jeff K, Mike Hinkens, Grant Castelluzzo, Rob Diquattro, Tyler Rembold, and Erik Elstran. We rented an apartment for the whole month and spent the time riding around the city and some other areas. There was a handful of other guys who came out to stay at the apartment for parts of the month too. Enjoy the photos.” - Nick Steben via Dig BMX

"Another new addition to the already STACKED Shadow Pro Team comes way of French shredder and über nice guy Joris Coulomb. Joris first came to our attention during the original Bakery contest in Chicago, IL where his insane tire riding skills and incredible personality were on display. From that day on, Joris has rocked the Shadow name and pushed himself as a rider and a friend to the utmost level. We couldn’t be more proud to have him a part of our family and as a part of our Pro Team. Congrats Joco, you deserve it!" via Shadow

Collateral Instagram Photo Contest

by jpr • 01/29/2014

Post up a photo of yourself doing a classic X UP Tabe, mention @collateralbmx and @empirebmx then use #xuptabe for a chance to win some Empire gear. US only. Ends Feb. 7th.

Ride UK Wallpapers Issue 184

by jpr • 01/29/2014

"I’ve just picked out my favourite photographs from issue 184. You can save these as your desktop background, or simply admire them from afar. We have Chris Childs stylin’ thanks to Walter Pieringer, Dan Boiski up rail to bars on a king size rail, Dale Armstrong boosting and Tom Blyth fakie pegging both by Joe Bailey." via Ride UK

Photo Gallery: Ruben's Waves

by jpr • 01/29/2014

"BMX legend Ruben Alcantara is currently putting the finishing touches on his latest creation – an amazing new concrete bowl in his home town of Malaga.

Carrying on from last week's feature 'Ruben's Waves', Matt Roe and Sergio Layos joined the man himself for their first ride of the park. Three of the most stylish riders in the world, riding one of the best crafted bowls in the world.

A full action edit from the session drops right here on Red Bull Bike on Wednesday, 29th January." View full photo gallery at Red Bull.

A Day in the Life of Ben Hucke

by Aggro_Gator • 01/27/2014

"Follow Ben through a winter day in Portland, Oregon. This features bikes, wind, fatherhood, Legos, coffee, chicken nuggets, Instagram, and everything else that Ben's life consists of."