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Ashley Charles United Dinero Frame Giveaway

by jpr • 02/27/2013


After you watch Ashley shred in his first edit back since knee surgery, enjoy this interview with him and don't forget to ask a question in the comments for a chance to win the United Dinero frame.


So this is your first edit back after a year off your bike due to knee surgeries, what's it been like filming for it and kind of getting back into the swing of things as far as getting clips and footage that you're stoked on?

Ah yeah, it's been good. It's been fun I guess, just taking my time picking out spots and stuff I really want to do instead of just pecking around. It's been good filming with Darryl (Tocco), we are close friends now, been hanging out a lot while I haven't been riding. It's always good filming with someone that you know pretty well.


Your bike set up has changed a little bit, you're not riding pegs right now, has that changed the way you look for spots and certain things that you want to do and clips that you want to get?

Yeah definitely. I think, yeah you have to look at stuff a bit differently you can't just find like a rail or a ledge. I just prefer at the minute... I like the classic stuff and I like going fast, and I'm just trying to keep it that way really. Fun stuff that you have to keep it simple and get some high speed action going.


What's up with the Dinero frame that you're riding? How'd that come about and what's the run down on it?

So the Dinero frame is like a new United street frame/ team frame. Me and Alex Valentino have got a color each on it. I guess Dinero is Spanish for money, the frame is pretty hi-tech. It has the stamped head tube with the United logo, invest cast drop outs, all that jazzy stuff. It matches the Dinero fork that they do already that has the invest cast drop outs.


Since you are back on it are you going to try to be traveling a bunch, lying low in California filming, do you guys have any plans for this year?

Plans right now are just finish this edit and then, yeah, just do whatever really. I'm still trying to build my leg up as much as possible, taking my time and just being on my bike riding, getting the feel of it back really more than anything. I've ridden a lot of cement and some jumps. Trying to get comfortable on my bike more than anything. Yeah, just doing that.



Your Albion interview recently came out, you did it with Banners solo mission. How did that come about and what did you guys do to get that done?

It came about Banners just hit me up, known him for a long time, we kind of grew up real close together back in England. He hit me up with this idea of going to Yosemite National Park and sort of camping and checking that area out and shooting an interview while we were out there. We took like five days and headed out there. It was good. It was sweet. Took it easy and got some stuff done. Stayed at the Sanctuary which is like a 2Hip thing, thanks to those guys for hooking us up.


You've been living in the States for like two years now and recently got engaged to an American woman. Are you planning on staying Stateside for a while or bouncing back and forth? Do you see yourself moving back to England any time?

Nah, I think we are going to stay here. We are probably going to move from Long Beach. I'm not sure where yet in the not too distant future. I think we are going to be in the States for a while, maybe go back to England when we're old, live in the countryside or something.