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Josh Pascasio on Kink Flow

by dennythesquid • 10/21/2014
Man, I'm just hyped for the young squid! My brother has been on his game and surprising me, as well as the whole circle of shred knights I surround myself with. Him getting on Kink is way proper. It's most definitely fitting and I'm excited to see the things him and the whole kink squad cook up now and in the future! Party on Josh dawg, and keep doing it heavy in the name of the Shred Biscuits movement and Squad!


by dennythesquid • 09/17/2014

So finally after years and years of wanting and wishing, I finally made it out to interbike! All thanks to the heavy lords over at Merritt brand Bmx products aka the G and Genius, Sean Curran and Mike Brennan. Overall the show was glorious, I got to meet so many icons and behind the scenes makers of the Bmx game, Legend and locals alike. But, let's get down to the biscuit crumb gritty. We all know the show, going to be a show but, it's the after party that everyone's eagle eye is peeking out for. If my memory serves me correctly this night was on the second night of interbike. What would have been a Thursday to norm was a complete Saturday night to us in the realm of interbike. The story is a long one, but I'll make it as short as my memory was for the evening. It all started and ended with the help of a $14 dollar vacation cup measured ounce cup of Everclear with assorted frozen fake fruit flavors in it called "High Octane 190". Let's just say, it got me to take over 200 selfies with random "participants" of the aura of my alter ego, Don Partyon. It also left the likes of everyone in it's path, in a high voltage wide wake black out drunk that couldn't be explained unless you experienced the beverage yourself. Immediately watching this, you get nothing but a traditional and classic TJD, fuck it all and celebrate party feel. Sheesh, it features a few of us TJD quote on quote pros in this thang!! Anyways, what's actually going on here in this video is the likes of. HEAVY NAME DROP. Mike Brennan, Sean Curran, Brandon Begin, Demarcus Paul, Andy of Freed bikes, Stevie Churchill, Rob the Party Munk, San Diego Party Mike, Niko the Russian Don, more Begin cause he loves getting clips, The Joolian, and A Vegas Janitor aka my boy who gets money, and many more. Anyways, sorry the mega long description but tried to shout out everyone and kill 2 birds with one stone with a double description. So here it is all in the name of Shred Biscuits, even though my unsober brain...[MORE]

I almost forgot how long this young shred nerd took to film this dang thing! Its still tight as hell though, so I had to bring it back like cornrows. Its Flashback Friday anyways right? I forgot how many maneuvers this fool did all over the plaza. I still cant believe he can cannonball like that. The F though, right? Party on and enjoy this look back at some golden Shred Biscuits from the Bromie Josh!


by dennythesquid • 07/29/2014

Aye, so yesterday josh and I decided to boogey out on some the front yard obstacles we have around the crib. Now, what you're going to notice here is 2 things. 1, all the clips josh filmed of me. Perfectly watchable. But on the other hand, Josh's clips... That I filmed on the other hand. Let's just say I'm on a little tikes skateboard riding level as well as the Filmer's hand that's on a Leap Frog learning book level. So I got a lot of work cut out ahead of Me, but I'm all about learning the game all for the love of the Shred Biscuits and being able to put out fun ass things like this with my squad. Aye but, don't let my filming slow the party up. Josh's clips hold heat like usual, and his editing saved me in the filming department for sure, and the overall feel is exactly what a quick front yard session is like for all of us. A chill and usually always funny time. So without my further rambling and apologies, here it is. THE FRONT YARD RAW SHRED BISCUITS SESSION EDITED BY JOSH AND FILMED BY JOSH AND MY SORRY ASS! PARTYON SQUIDS!


by dennythesquid • 07/23/2014

So Josh and I got our hands on some dang fisheye lenses for our cellular social networking devices. Yesterday, after work we headed out to what josh calls now, the "plazagna " for some well cooked shred biscuits. Josh did all this in like a 3 Hour session, meanwhile I didn't get one clip cause I was too busy being psyched playing the ocean eyed camera shadow for the kid.He does a lot of shit in here that I haven't seen him do. Definitely a few switch tricks done in here that he made look almost completely normal! Also, ahem. Please excuse the dang shaking of the circle. I was filming with my cheap ass plastic 5 case and that hoe was harlem shaking so heavy, and I didn't notice til' we finally sat down and watched it all. So without due, here's the edit Josh put together with my amateur level iphone filming. That's my shit. Aye, anyone notice that ghetto ass Shred Biscuits stamp I made out of sticks and trash, yeah. That's how you boogey when you left your bag of Shred Biscuits stickers at home. Shouts to Shred Stickuits.


by dennythesquid • 07/12/2014



by dennythesquid • 06/18/2014
So we had made plans for I, my brother Josh Pascasio, James Lukas, Jeff Dupaul and Jsonn Widdit to come through to LI, to make way into the city then Jersey for some shred biscuits. But between some all day foul weather Friday, some severely f'd up bus schedules and some MIA bikes parts between traveling, our plans didn't go as plan. So we made the most with the least and worked out Saturday to a scorching hot session at our local Mastic plaza for a few HD and iPhone clips (the HD clips are being saved for this summer's Shred Biscuits mixtape). On our last day, and very tired Sunday, we managed to ride a few local spots in the Ronkonkama area, a little flat rail parked called RAIL PARK and finally, we had to drop off Jsonn and Jeff at the ferry. In the midst of it being Sunday and Father's Day, it made the town of Port Jeff a free for all for a bit, so James, Josh and I took the heaviest advantage we could and got a few good shred bizzy nugs! The spots weren't exactly the most prime, including the dang impossible rock, that Josh and James made seen like perfect transition. There were a few kick outs from the public haters, that paused some potential clip hear every now and then as you can see. We made it work though! So here they are edited with the power of josh and his masterful iPad hands and my iPhone cam eye! We making these dang social network boxes do some thangs! PARTYON FOLKS!

I Got 5 On It: Taylor Bonds

by dennythesquid • 05/19/2014
Dang and heavy wow! The boy Mario did it again with this one for ABQDNV! This one is featuring the G, Taylor Bonds! This dude is juggin the shred biscuits left and right at the Northglenn skatepark in North Denver area. This is that real real I like to see. Just pedal thrashin, sippin 99 cent AZs, and being relaxed when slain down moves like that 180 crook to Fakie bar! Shout out to them boys, Taylor and Mario. I can't wait to see more from the 007 shredder Bonds this year for sure, especially with the might powers of Carrasco behind the lens and media whippin!


by dennythesquid • 05/19/2014
Early this past Saturday, right before a family reunion style fiesta. Josh and I managed to scramble up to the plaza for a 2 hours shred biscuit mini buffet. With the power of an iPad and looking like a bunch of soccer moms filming with a clipboard sized piece of tech, Josh and I managed to get a few little gold nuggets out of the mix. Josh edited this little thang in like 15 minutes as well as got basically every clip first or second go! So here it is another short mix of some local Shred Biscuits with my brother and I! It's all about the relaxed chill vibes at the local shred watering hole aka the mastic plaza aka yung SBHQ! So party on with this, and let it get your special meter up a bit to go out and get some clippery and good pedal thrashin ya selves!

Shred Biscuits Game of B.I.K.E. Denny VS. Josh

by dennythesquid • 05/10/2014

This is it! Finally the Game of BIKE of me versus my brother Josh. We uploaded it a few weeks ago but, in the process something weird happened when it got uploaded and the last 2 minutes were on planet corrupt. But, here it is finally in its entirety! Its pretty chill, no whips or bars. Just some new definitions and moved created like 'cradle and pressure". But take a swig or a herbal remedy hit and enjoy the chill level funny game of BIKE between my kin folk and I! Shouts to Kaveman aka Kevin Valot on the filming and editing of this here thang!