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I GOT 5 ON IT FT. Derek Dorame

by dennythesquid • 03/24/2014
My bad to the Don of shred and editing, Mario Carrasco for slippin this up on the SB column with a heavy delay! But dang I love the feel and the whole concept of these "I Got 5 On It" edits doing it from DNVR to ABQ! This IG5OI is featuring a G for sure, Derek Dorame. Who seems to just be able to kill it a cop 5bucks for what looks like well worth quadruple that in clippery goodness he has in here! He's got a real raw style and some heavy surprising lines! I won't let out too much since it's simple golden watch that y'all should get with! So here's another IG5OI gift from the boy, Mario and some moves from a shred lord that I will certainly be posting more on in the Shred Biscuits realm, Derek Dorame! Y'all keep the gold coming from DNVR x the ABQ!


by dennythesquid • 02/07/2014
It's been a frigid ass winter in the North East but this past weekend. We were blessed up with a short warm afternoon in Pawtucket, Rhode Island with the BCAVE squad Gs and John Mayo x my fellow Take homie, Derek Klegraefe! We all warmed up at the local Pawtucket park in the bowl section, and just ended up filming the whole heat to make a short tray shred biscuits for y'all to consume! Even the man behind the editing and lens, and fellow shred biscuits captain Kevin Valot got in the mix! So sit back, enjoy your Friday night, consume to relaxation and get your special meter raised on this piece!

Shark Attack: Hawk EYE

by dennythesquid • 02/04/2014
This is awesome as hell. Its a complete POV collection of raw moments around the nesting area of CT, where the Shark Attack homies dwell. I'm pretty sure the homie Hawk aka Tom L captured most of this greatness. It only had like 86 views and it shows a whole era of time when the Sharks had the apartment in Bristol aka the nest. This video has like a real raw but artistic view of the day to day during the ratio of them all living there. Its a perfect look into the early stages of FOUR KEGS! Its got clips of Dupaul, Stevie, Martin, Hawk, and even myself! So go on and get with it ! Also, SHOUTS TO DEM DOO DOO BOYZ!

Cody Jennings is a loon and Van and Stew Johnson may have saved his lifed with a strategically placed shoe.

Wildman Wednesday

by jpr • 01/22/2014

"There may have been some pushing but Tag had enough and went to swing at the guy but totally missed and fell. On the way to the ground he grabbed that guys shirt and ripped it off. They started wrestling around. At one point Crandall did a karate style kick to the guy’s stomach." Read the full story: Least Most.

Fowler Ditch Session with the Lego-land Crew

by slimpickins • 01/20/2014

"The Friday after New Years, I took the day off from work. That friday put me at Fowler ditch at 8am. At 40 degrees. Lucky for us, the sun came out to warm us up a bit. While out there, the Lego-Land crew met up. Coincidentally, while driving to the ditch, I saw a big billboard advertising that area of Florida. Until this session, I had no clue where that area was. Middle of the state, new suburb. Remember The Historic Cypress Gardens? Probably not, but that's where Candy-Land exists. Thanks to those dudes for a good session...this is what I collected." - Matt Coplon, view full gallery here: TBR 

13 trailer

by Aggro_Gator • 01/13/2014

"The film, as certain critics like to label it, is a “lost classic,” and yet—unlike the majority of lost or “cult” classics—Over the Edge is actually worth seeking out. Filled with scenes that are difficult to shake, with teen characters played by real-life teenagers (how often does that happen anymore?), and with an authenticity so intense that it appears at times as if the film could very well be a documentary, Over the Edge remains as thrilling today as it must have appeared three decades ago. While somewhat raw and certainly not without imperfections, it’s easy to understand why Kurt Cobain claimed that the movie “pretty much defined my whole personality,” and why it so heavily influenced Richard Linklater in making his own ode to restless youth, Dazed and Confused."


Midwhere - The Story Untold

by Aggro_Gator • 01/12/2014

"A film by Joe Hastreiter and Garret Rapp.

Available for the first time online, this 2001 midwestern classic is an epically long catalog of Wisconsin and Illinois BMX in the late 90's and early 00's. Originally VHS, this digital rip isn't the best quality, but you won't even notice as you get lost in this 1 hour 22 minute journey."