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Salt River

by jpr • 01/18/2013

The Salt River is more known for the excessive amount of drunken idiots that float down it in the summer than it is for anything else (which causes its own problems to the river ecosystem), but in reality, it is a very beautiful river settled in the mountains just east ( 20 minute drive from my house) outside of Phoenix. It could also be a very productive tailwater fishery if somehow AZGF could lock down some water rights (they basically turn the river to a lake in winter, shut down all flows), could control some of the trash caused by the littering drunk idiots (the river looks more like a landfill in places than a desert sanctuary).


With all the problems that the river faces, it is really close, it is really pretty, and it even fishes well (if you like small finless trout, small bass, or you're not above catching suckers). It's not uncommon to fish along side the groups of wild horses that come in from the reservation that is close by, see an eagle cruising up the canyon, but it's also not uncommon to fish next to a redneck with a throwing net, a family throwing rocks in the river in your hole, or even at you, or spend more time picking up old beer cans from the river and its banks than fishing. But sometimes in life you have to learn to turn a blind eye on some things and make the most out of any situation that life throws at you...

In this case, I learned how to catch the suckers (who are actually really fun!) and not think about how good this fishery COULD be, and realize that it's still pretty good considering its 20 minutes from one of the largest cities in the U.S. - KC Badger