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"100th gate installed by Bensink Bmx Gates at Okeeheelee BMX in West Palm Beach, Florida UNITED STATES OF AMERICA out with the old in with the new. For more info go visit"

Carley Young Interview

by jpr • 01/23/2014

"Whats been your best moment with your bike so far?In 2001 I made the Junior Womens main event on flat pedals in Louisville, KY for Team USA. As I was going to get in the gate Robbie Miranda was sitting with the DK team and was pumped I made the main! I was in complete awww. Even though I got 8th place it still made my day and still till this day was the greatest race ever. I look back on that day ever time I talk to a kid at the races and think something I could say could change their direction with riding or could be their favorite memory." Check out the full interview at PSBMX.

On Board: Mike Day at Bootleg Canyon DH

by Aggro_Gator • 01/23/2014

"Go on board with BMX legend Mike Day (@mday365) at the DH Race at Bootleg Canyon, NV. The man's got talent on anything with two wheels! Watch as he races down the face of Mars to a 6th place finish."

"Personally for me, I have had more fun watching the Women's Pro class than any other class. Not only this weekend but also at Grands back in November. The class has seen a surge in new participants that have really pushed a new vibrancy into the class. Factory GT's Felicia Stancil, Hyper's Shealen Reno, Supercross' Elke Vanhoof and Shanaze Reade have all made things very interesting." via USA BMX...[MORE]

"If there was only one question that has remained unanswered for quite some time it would be, who will be the rider that will dethrone Sam "I am" Willoughby. The Aussie has been untouchable for the past year. Minus a couple of hiccups in 2013, Sam was nearly unstoppable and had the title virtually secured heading into the Grands. He is trying for a three-peat this year and a fourth overall USA BMX No.1 AA Pro title which would put him with names such as Ellis and Pistol Pete."...[MORE]