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Matt Blew - Around Town

by Anonymous (not verified) • 04/18/2013
Matt Blew gives us a quick tour of his South Jersey riding scene.

Elliot Sloan - Seven & Seven

by Anonymous (not verified) • 03/12/2013

It's a pleasure & honor to say i'm friends with such a tremendously talented person like Elliot Sloan, even if skateboarding is not your thing, this interview is worth checking out simply because Elliot is a badass.


Transit 9: Nines Lives - Cameron Birdwell (2002)

by Anonymous (not verified) • 03/08/2013
Here's a reminder of how burly & innovative Cameron Birdwell's riding was & always will be, he continues to still amaze everyone still to this day. Absolutely amazing!

Jeremie Infelise – On The Rocks

by Anonymous (not verified) • 03/05/2013

We decided to re-edit some of our Seven & Seven Interviews showing only the riding clips. These guys really do some awesome tricks in these video interviews, so we wanted to put some emphasis on their hard work! The Seven & Seven format is seven Q / A's with seven clips. Basing the title and format off of the popular drink a "Seven and Seven," which the ingredients are 7-Up and Seagrams 7. When you remove one of the sevens as we did with the interview questions you are left with one raw ingredient to get the job done which you pour on the rocks. So we decided to call the edits showcasing the raw tricks, " On the rocks"! Jeremie Infelise always puts extra special effort into every project he gets involved in, so he absolutely killed it for his Seven & Seven. Making his On The Rocks a sweet little edit!

Matthew Lough: Welcome to Adrenln Industries

by Anonymous (not verified) • 03/01/2013
Anthony Loconte just sent over his latest video project with Matthew Lough. The riding is awesome and Anthony did an amazing job filming & editing the vid. Matthew's last line is pretty sweet. "Matthew absolutely kills it on the bike! He even kills it on a board and shreds the guitar! He kills anything he touches.....dont let him hold your baby! lol On a serious note, Matt is an amazing, talented human and was put on Adrenln Industries team for great reason." -Anthony Song- "All Hands Against His Own" by The Black Keys Locations: Rays MTB Milwaukee, Krush Skatepark, Asylum Skatepark, & 4Seassons Skatepark

Mykel Larrin - On The Rocks

by Anonymous (not verified) • 02/28/2013
We only had a few hours to film Mykel Larrin for his original Seven & Seven interview but regardless of the time constraints he still gave us a great interview & some amazing riding which is showcased here in his "On The Rocks"! He busts some unique lines at OKC's Hoffman Park! Mykel is a tremendously talented person both on & off his bike, we can't wait to see more from him! Song- Misfits: We are 138

Matt Bischoff

by Anonymous (not verified) • 02/22/2013

Our Survivor buddy Matt "Beard" Bischoff shows us some lost footage of timeless riding clips and walks us through the history of a few of his Classic BMX Bikes! Bonus clip of Mat Hoffman attempting 540 tailwhips many , many years ago! Thanks to Beard for this Exclusive WeHaveMotive video! You rule homie! Failure

Cameron Birdwell - Seven & Seven

by Anonymous (not verified) • 02/15/2013

This is absolutely one of the funniest 7&7's, Cam is one of a kind!

The NorCal BMX Scene has always been one of the strongest in BMX since the sport was created over 30 years ago! A rider who has stood out for many years among the pack is Cameron Birdwell. The dude is an innovator and rides literally "balls out" at all times!

We are so stoked & honored to have him for our latest Seven & Seven, so have a watch & a good laugh! Enjoy!

An extra special thanks goes to Patrick Kelly for taking the time to film & edit this awesome interview! Cheers homie!

Drop loads.

Conversation: Keith Treanor

by jpr • 02/13/2013

I met Keith the day he rolled up on us riding the Stone Henge ramp at GT in Huntington Beach, CA in the early 90s. He'd come a long way from Hoboken, New Jersey to ride bikes. I'm glad I met him that day and after wandering aimlessly and often times painfully for over a decade he finally landed on his feet. I'm also glad he's still alive and still a friend, a much better friend these days, but still the Mad Man Treanor we all love.


"This is a story for anyone who has struggled or is struggling with addiction, who may feel that there's no other way out. Keith and I both hope this serves as motivational tool to help people realize that climbing out is possible.


I'm very fortunate in being able to call Keith Treanor one of my good friends. I met him a few years ago when he transplanted from New Jersey to my hometown of Oklahoma City. I didn't know much about him at the time, but quickly learned. Aside from being an all around awesome guy, his passion for BMX is inspiring. I'm privileged to be able to call him my friend." via Nick Stout


Nick Krauer Winter 2013

by Anonymous (not verified) • 02/12/2013

NorCal video dude Patrick Kelly just finished a new edit for his buddy Nick Krauer and we think it's awesome. Nick definitely has some skills!

"Nick sucks. And by "sucks" I mean he's really really good at riding bikes. It seems like he'll learn a trick one day, and have it mastered and put in a line, ready to film the next day. Can somebody sponsor this kid already so I can stop flowing him gas money." - Patrick 

Follow Nick on Instagram @nickkrauer

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